AT-AT Boy.


On this weeks shows (Here 'N' There 002 - Burnt in Brighton, but I called the Jeep Indiana) my news story was the huge Great Dane called Zeus whom had just been named the world's tallest dog by the good folks at the Guinness book of Records.

Standing an an impressive 44 inches tall this doggie appears to be able to see eye to eye with it's owner….literally. At least the owners had the good sense to give it an appropriate name. Imagine if they had called it tiny, trixie or Imperial AT-AT Walker.

Seriously when I first saw this canine that was the first thing that popped into my head. I could just imagine Snow-speeders darting around it's long legs trying to launch a harpoon to entangle them and bring it down. 

My second thought was of any hapless burglars that might have decided to invade Zeus's home. I can only imagine what that might be like but I am sure they would appreciate and deserve their new role as a chew toy.