iPhone 5 Launch and Beer.

The new iPhone

The new iPhone

Wednesday saw me heading into London to meet up with the LMUG (London Mac User Group) crew to sit in a pub and witness the unveiling of the new iPhone. I kept thinking of all those poor reporters stuck in the audience there in San Francisco while I sipped a nice cool beer. I say I kept thinking of them to be honest I thought once and then quickly moved my consciousness to other more interesting subjects.

Finally the show got underway and Tim Cook took to the stage. I'm never quite sure how to handle these events. I always feel a little geeky sitting in a pub while someone thousands of miles always reveals updates of a phone. A phone! Let me write that again...a phone! 

It must be that special brand of madness, or gullibility, that Apple users have. We want to be wowed and amazed by the latest device that finds its way out of the Cupertino Headquarters, so there we was sat, drinking (hooray), watching the live blogs while discussing the merits as each new or updated feature was read out.

As usual the verdict of the new phone is split. Those of the negative camp point out how little has changed and there is little or no innovation. Meanwhile the positive camp highlight the virtue of the evolution and the myriad of updates.

Myself I often find it hard to finally decide on these matters until I hold one of the little blighters in my hand. However, and this is where I may get into some trouble or come across as stupid, I still plan to order one this coming Friday. This is mainly due to the fact I have already sold my iPhone 4S. Fortunately the price I’m getting for the old phone makes the new phone cost a less gut churning expense. However, I have yet to take into account the expense of all my various docks and mounts that will no longer fit the new model though. I could struggle with this dilemma or just say sod it.....guess what I chose to do?

So hopefully next Friday I’ll be awaiting my new toy, unless I fail to get my order in early enough in which case I’ll be lamenting my new toy. Either way it won’t change the fact that next Friday is both beer and curry night which is something I ALWAYS look forward too.