Denied a Ticket to Ride

Photo by Betsy Weber

Photo by Betsy Weber

As a rather tall chappy I am often confronted with a world that is not made for me. I simply have to look around at the various manufactures of doors, cars, clothes, shoes, beds, aircrafts and many other items that the average sized citizen takes for granted to see that they had no real conception that a man of 6'7" would ever wish to live in the same world that regular sized folks inhabit. To be tall is to be an outcast, until some bugger wants something off the top shelf or maybe a light bulb replaced.

Well as i discovered this weekend now another avenue of restriction can be added to the list. Amusement park rides. Following a walk along Brighton pier I happened upon a sign that said you must be between 1.4 meters and 1.95 meters to partake of this ride.


Just because they wish to consider my safety in these matters they will restrict me from having fun? The little blighters! I think I may have to write to my MP to complain….as long as his door frame is of a suitable height for me to pass under of course.