Welcome to the new home of Missy and Madden.

This is our little space for our pointless podcast. Drop by and listen to the fun as we just chat and discuss things of no particular importance. 

Here 'N' There is our new weekly (fingers crossed) show where we discuss all the pointless things that grab our attention and the continuing differences between our two great nations. We may not always stay on track and we may get a bit naughty at times but just settle back and enjoy the conversation.

Here N There 017 - Missy Breaks A Heart, But Madden Gets On His Bike


The extended absence is at an end (and they didn't ever provide a sickie note) as Missy and Madden return to the podcasting airwaves. Missy has been busy in Vegas but fortunately what happens in Vegas is shared with us all, including one poor speakers heartbreak. Meanwhile Madden gets sent on a Bicycle course for reasons only his company know.