This is Hear N There!

We are back…again…again.

As you may have noticed the ‘Dubious Duo’ that is Missy and Madden has returned to the podcasting feeds. After being away for nearly four years you may be wondering why we have picked now to return? Well, we just wanted too, so there.

A few things have changed during the interim but it was nice to find we soon fell into our (un)usual banter once the microphones were hot, Missy’s technical issues had been sorted and Madden had remembered to press record.

We have decided to change the format a little this time in that we will not be focussing so much on the differences between our two great nations. Instead, we plan to concentrate on a few unusual news stories each fortnight and see where they take us. This will obviously be accompanied by our continuing adventures usually involving coffee/bacon (Missy) and beer (Madden)

With the world seemingly in distressing times, we hope to allow you a brief respite with our unusual perspectives and allow you to leave some of the everyday nonsense behind…either that or we just want to do a show where we talk nonsense for 30-40 minutes, it’s a close call.

Anyway, please feel free to share any stories with us that you’d like discussed. We can’t promise to do them all but it will save us the job of finding them. You can contact us on Facebook, Twitter or G+, or e-mail us via our contact page if you wish to go old school.

Thank you for listening and I hope we can continue to keep you entertained.